Let’s look at a few examples from history that show what a man can be ready for for the sake of his beloved woman.

Paris, a Trojan prince from ancient Greek mythology, fell in love with Helen, kidnapped her to be with her. This became the cause of many years of war. Such a feat for the sake of love went down in history and is remembered to this day.

King Edward of England met his beloved Wallis Simpson, who belonged to the common people. In those days, the ruler had to choose a life partner according to his status. Edward believed that he could not rule the state without the support of his beloved. Therefore, he abdicated in 1936, handed over the rule of Great Britain and India to his younger brother Albert. In 1937, Edward married Wallis and lived with her for the rest of his life.

An American man named Colin O’Neill became famous when he regularly violated traffic rules to get the attention of inspector Doris Lemon. The girl regularly wrote him fines, and then showed interest in the guy. Before the wedding, Colin had to spend 110 hours on corrective labor.

A story about the actors of a popular American TV series called “Dr. Quinn”. A man was so in love with a girl that he tried to impress her with his own charisma, sense of humor and dangerous stunt stunts, and then ended up in the hospital. The girl was touched by his act and gave her boyfriend a few pleasant minutes, but then she still married the director of the series.