These 10 statuses will make you stand out on any social media


I have a very good character. It is you men who have weak nerves …

I am an ordinary girl. At first I don’t think about anything, and then I start thinking why I didn’t think then, when it was just necessary to think.

I don’t like money. I get rid of them at cosmic speed.

I adhere to the rule of life for French women: you can’t please everyone; because all people cannot have perfect taste.

I don’t know who you are and what you are looking for. But I have no money. But there are skills that I have acquired over my long career – and which I can try on you …

I want you to complement me: I am beautiful, and you are smart.

It’s hard to say if beauty will really save the world. However, if she, like mine, is combined with a sense of humor, there is no doubt about it.

I want to sleep on a man’s shoulder to have a proud posture.

Give me your love, and I will decorate this world.

It is harmful to be sad a lot; I believe that a healthy dose of indifference to what is happening is the key to female beauty!